5S Consulting

5S was developed in Japan for assisting Just-in-Time manufacturing. It is a method of organizing workplace for competence and usefulness by recognizing items used, preserving the area and items, and nourishing the new order.

5S can be defined with five keywords starting from S as:

Sort: Remove all useless items
Set in Order: Define a place for each item, and each item should be in place
Shine: Ensure working area is cleaned at the time tasks are carried out
Standardize: Apply cleaning and identification processes regularly
Sustain: Follow the process and make 5S a habit

The method brings a standardization of processes so that employee can understand how should they carry out their routine tasks.

Advance Innovation Group has highly skilled industry experts for 5S consulting. We have years of experience in helping our clients across different industries in order to improve their Just-in-Time manufacturing processes.

Advance Innovation Group offers 5S consulting as:

*Visual Management
*Principles and Implementation
5S Consulting Services