Consulting Services from AIG

  1. Management System Consulting
  2. Business Process Improvement Consulting
  3. PPM and PPM design Consulting
  4. Automation Consulting
  5. Data Analytics Consulting

Through the years, we @advance Innovation Group have mastered several Management Systems which are mostly governed through ISO Standards. ISO Standards that we have proven track record on are:

Management Standards offerred

  1. ISO 9001 or Quality Management System
  2. ISO 27001 or Information Security Management System
  3. ISO 14001 or Environment Management System
  4. ISO 18000 or Occupational Health and Safety
  5. ISO 20000 or Information Technology Service Management

Business Process Improvement Consulting

In addition to our experience in the several Management Systems we are known for our contribution to Business Process Improvement Consulting using Lean Six Sigma and other improvement methods.
Using Lean Tools, businesses across domains and industry, have made amazing customer success stories while ensuring businesses remained lean and profit making. We @Advance Innovation Group have partnered/mentored several organizations of international repute deploy and manage the Lean Six sigma tools and culture through their locations and business processes.

We have helped businesses improve upon critical business value stream of OTR (Order to Remittance), ITO (Inquire to Order) and NPI (New Product Initiative).
OTR which is an acronym for Order to Remittance is the cycle of time taken to provision for what the customer demanded. Faster is the response to your customer, more likely is that he chooses you over your competitor. Strategy of moving from reactive provisioning processes to proactive ones have also been designed & handheld by our Lean Consulting Teams.
Similar Lean Value Streams of Inquire to Order and New Product Cycle initiatives have also been taken up for larger and small firm by our Lean Consulting Teams.

Improvement initiatives based on the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach has been taken up by our consultants regularly. We have helped customers improve upon their Margin, help reduce attrition, improve upon they Account payable process metrics and account receivable process metrics. We have serves BPOs looking at improving transactional metrics like handling time, accuracy score etc.