ISMS Consulting

ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 is an international standard for information security circulated in September 2013 by ISO and IEC. It is a standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS). Establishments that follow the standard are qualified complaint by an autonomous and recognized certification body on a successful accomplishment of an official audit course.

Advance Innovation Group provides following three types of ISMS consulting for ISO/IEC 27001 standard:

* Certification Only: In this type of consulting, we work with organizations exclusively in order to improve the existing Information Technology (IT) system so that they can meet the required standards.

* Recertification: ISO/IEC 27001 is a valid for three years from the date of implementation. We help organizations to get recertification with or without change of scope as per their requirements.

* Improvement: We offer consulting for improving existing ISMS system so that organizations can achieve the desired level of standards, and develop and monitoring system for current processes.

Advance Innovation Group offers following two types of ISMS consulting associations:
1. Advisory Only
2. Advisory with Implementation

ISMS Consulting Services