Lean Training

Lean refers to a systematic method that minimizes waste in manufacturing units without compromising the productivity. Lean is a systematic approach that identifies and eliminates waste or non-value added activities by continuous improvement in the process and product flow.

At Advance Innovation Group, the key objective of our lean training is to assist our partners in the pursuit of perfect processes through waste elimination without affecting their productivity.

Lean training obviously helpful for manufacturing units by identifying what adds value and reducing things that are not adding value to the product. The philosophy is derived from Toyota Production System and termed as lean in the 1990s.

As per the industry trends, we have well-designed lean training programs prepared by expert professionals across several industries. When you want to identify and reduce waste and useless activities in your manufacturing process, the lean methodology must help you to focus on what is important to you by eliminating everything else.

Our lean training programs are:

  • Lean Platinum Training
  • Lean Bronze Training
  • VSM Training
  • Kaizen Training
  • Lean Silver Training
  • TPM Program
  • 5S Training

Lean Training Programs